Production, post production

and sound design adventurer

What seems seamless now was but a few years ago the stuff of dreams.

I'm a production adventurer. A bit of a nomad. A carnie. Post production is my profession. Music is my passion. Woodwork is my hobby. 

I also direct, score, write, produce, shoot and turn my hand to most anything in the motion picture space. 




Because I love it. Editing especially. Bringing picture and sound together. When you can put together the pieces of a director's mind, and create compelling stories. It's rewarding. When it comes naturally, effortlessly, when it feels just right, it's magical. I firmly believe my musical background has everything to do with my success as an editor.


To me, editing is as musical as it is technical. 


I relish a challenge and would love to sit down with you and your creative team to talk about your story. Let's realise it.